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How Much Do We Make?

12/08/2014, 12:45pm CST
By Treasurer, April Rasmussen

How Much Do We Make?

Do you ever wonder how much WAYHA makes on a tournament? Are you thinking that you just put in a lot of time and dedication for the weekend and wonder if it was worth it or not?

I am here to tell you that it is. The High School Ws tournament that was held November 28th and 29th brought to the club $1600 in concessions and $2100 at the gate! That's $3700 that WAYHA earned for two days of work.

Thank you for all that volunteered their time to make this happen. Our club runs based on the profits we receive from tournament entry fees, high school gate fees, and concessions. It's because of our amazing hockey club family and their time put in that makes our club run so smoothly and costs to be kept down.

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