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Maintenance Hours

Maintenance Hours & Volunteer Requirements

WAYHA is an all volunteer nonprofit organization.  We depend on our members to contribute their time at all levels.  That helps offset the cost of playing hockey.  The goal of the volunteer policy is to distribute the workload among all the families.

All Bantam, PeeWee, Squirt and Mite families are required to work 8 maintenance hours.  This can be done through work nights, ice in, ice out, school skates, 3-on-3 tournament, being a Board Member or other special positions and other items that come up and are sanctioned by the Board.  These levels are also required to work Open Skate and High School games.  Please use the time clock at the Rink to punch in and out so your hours can be tracked.  If you don't complete your Maintenance Hours, we will be required to pay $200 before the start of the next season.

Working your child's home games and tournaments (concessions, penalty box, score clock, score book) does not count as maintenance hours.  That is just the general requirement of having a child in hockey.  We expect everyone to work their fair share of games.  Everyone likes to sit in the stands and watch but we all need to pitch in.

Every family is required to work Open Skate.

We have a cleaning service.  However, they are only there 1-2 times a week.  Please help us keep our rink looking good by picking up garbage and taking out as needed, cleaning the lobby, mezzanine, and locker rooms, and generally helping out.

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