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Stick Length

How to Measure the Length of a Hockey Stick

In order to properly measure the length of a hockey stick a player should be wearing hockey skates. Hockey skates add a few inches in height, so a stick that comes up to the players nose without skates, may only reach their chin while on skates. If you are buying a hockey stick, and you don’t have skates with you, make sure you remember to add an inch or two in length to suit your needs while on the ice.

To measure the length, have the player stand straight up, looking forwards. Have the shaft of the stick parallel to the players body, with the toe of the blade of the stick on the ground (see picture on left).

Average length of a hockey stick – If you are playing hockey for the first time a good starting point for the length of your stick is between the chin, and nose.

What classifies a long stick, and a short hockey stick? – Typically any stick that is above the nose will be classified as long, and any stick that is below the chin would be a short stick.

Adjusting Stick Length

When buying a hockey stick it may be hard to find the perfect length in the store. It is normal to buy a stick that is too long, and then cut it down to suit your length preference. For younger players it is also common to put a wooden plug in the end of a stick to make it longer (if they out grow the stick).